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The author, wearing an apron and holding a coffee mug while smiling down on her young daughter.I’m Beth. Just plain Beth. Not Elizabeth. I’m still not sure the bank believes me when I tell them that. I’m a Rocky Mountains girl transplanted to the Midwest. I’m wife to my best friend. Mom to a toddler. Well. I guess she’s basically a preschooler already. I’m a minimalist at heart and thrive on simplicity. Quietness. My life slogan is “Quality over Quantity”. I’m one of those scary liberal snowflakes they warn you about. You know? The ones that think that all people are equal and have rights. And I’m a tree hugger. A nut for wildlife and nature. Which means I’m obligated to hate pollution and plastic and do weird things like use baking soda as toothpaste. It also means I spend a lot of my free time out under the blue sky. Or in the rain. I love quiet neutrals. And rich turmeric yellow. And red lipstick. I knit, but not as much as I’d like. I thought I was an extrovert with social anxiety and trust issues. The Covid-19 pandemic revealed that I’m apparently an introvert that thrives on isolation. But the social anxiety and trust issues are still there.


I’m obsessed with food. I (try to) balance that obsession with an equal obsession with hiking. I’ve been baking as long as I can remember. Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder triggered my food obsession. By the time I turned 15 I was doing the cooking for my family of 7. At any given time, I was cooking for a dozen plus people. Then came the occasional baking jobs, a stint as a “chef” for our rural county’s nutrition kitchen, and working as a barista and baker for a small town coffee shop. But I’m currently doing the stay at home mum gig. And learning (and sharing) as much as I can about my obsessions.


I believe that food is best in its simplest forms. It takes time- slow attentive care from farmers, ranchers, and cooks. And it’s influenced by the seasons- the impending winter blizzard and a pot of chili or a hot summer day and ice cream cones for dinner. And always within the context of seasonal ingredients. I believe food is best viewed with that life moto: “Quality over quantity.”  I also believe that food has inherent ethical issues worked into it. I strive to handle each ingredient and recipe with informed respect. These recipes and my life are influenced by this belief. I give a candid peak into it all over on Instagram. @candidlybethann Come say hello. I love to chat.















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