First Post and a Summer Lunch

I have this weird terror of first things. Drawing that first line in a sketch book. That first word in a new notebook. That first blog post apparently.

So here is this one, just to get the ball rolling. Destroy the purity of silence.

Also. Here is my lunch from yesterday.

bowl of glazed peaches topped with a scoop of ricotta

Some peaches fresh from the farmers market, glazed in browned butter and maple syrup. Topped with a dollop of ricotta.

glazed peaches and ricotta cheese

Phew. I did it. My first post. Hopefully future ones aren’t as terrifying.


I’m gonna be focusing on progress over perfection around here. That half done is better than nothing at all. So things might be a tad weird as I figure things out. Like that I still haven’t sorted out a newsletter to update subscribers of new posts. Maybe subscribe anyways so you get updates when I do sort things out? I’m sure there are some other things I’ve forgotten about. But, hey, a post at all is better than no post.

“I’m a recovering perfectionist and an aspiring “good-enoughist”.

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2 thoughts on “First Post and a Summer Lunch”

    • I guess I’m being successful in not taking this too seriously considering I just finally logged in again. Thanks so much for the kind words. And yes, those peaches were the best thing I ate last month.

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